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How to write possessive of james

The apostrophe - University of Bristol Q: I am 50 and I was taught that words ending in “s” (“Chris,” for example) were made possessive by adding an apostrophe (“Chris’ coat”). You need to be a bit careful with apostrophes; many people make the mistake of putting them. If the possessor is a plural noun ending in s, simply adding an apostrophe after the final s indicates possession. Have you seen James's book?

Possessive Apostrophes - Better Writing Most people regularly write stuff like “We went to James’s house” without stopping to think whether it should be “James’ house.” In many areas of life, such cavalier carelessness is a bad idea. Possessive apostrophes cause more problems than any other punctuation mark. James' house is on fire can also be written as James's house is on fire. 2.

APA Style Blog Forming Possessives With Singular Names Therefore, in the example above, the correct usage would be “Adams’s (2013) work.” Although this presentation may look awkward to some writers, the rule for forming the possessive does not change just because the name ends in ). Therefore, if you were writing a paper about the philosopher Descartes, to form the possessive with his name, you would need to just add an.

ON LANGUAGE - Possessing Dukakis - This has been true whether the nouns ended in “s” or not. So I write it without the possessive the copy editor changes it, but that's not. Dukakis's nominee to be Ambassador to the Court of St. James's.

Possessives and Attributives - The Chicago Manual of Style Online Maybe you’re thinking it sounds ridiculous and looks bizarre. Possessives and Attributives. Display All Answers. Q. How does one make the following names possessive and all first names that end in “s”? James, Iris.

The Grammarphobia Blog When did “Venus's beauty” get a Probably the matter is that I see "Spears" and "Jesus" as being single morphemes, unlike names like "Williams" or "Haynes" but like names like "Jones" (etymology be damned). And so confusing for non-native speakers :) No, no, that is not the pattern I have. When did we begin putting a second "s" in a possessive word like "Chris's". words ending in “s” “Chris,” for example were made possessive by adding. in s—hence 'Dylan Thomas' poetry,' 'Etta James' singing,' and 'that.

How to write possessive of james:

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