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How to write love in swahili

Swahili Words & Phrases English to Swahili For more advantages, please see why do a language exchange. PRONUNCIATION GUIDE Swahili words are always pronounced the way they are written. Swahili greetings are comprehensively covered in this article on how to say hello in to find love in a Swahili speaking nation?

Popular Swahili Music Videos You Should Listen To It is awesome to know how do you say "I love you" in all of different languages. (Added by Christine ) Mandarin : Wo ai ni Mohawk : Konoronhkwa Navajo : Ayor anosh'ni Ndebele : Niyakutanda Norwegian : Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal) Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk) Pakistani : Muje se mu habbat hai Persian : Tora dost daram Pilipino : Mahal Kita Iniib Kita Polish : Ja Cie Kocham or Kocham Cie (Pronounced Yacha kocham) Portuguese : Eu te amo Romanian : Te iu besc Russian : Ya lyublyu tebya Ya vas lyublyu Scot Gaelic : Tha gra\dh agam ort Serbian : Volim te (most common), or Ja te volim" (less common) Shona : Ndinokuda Sioux : Techihhila Slovak : lubim ta Slovene : ljubim te (?????? This is another popular love song sang in Swahili that continues to receive a lot of Much Uhuru Kenyatta Spends On Wrist Watches.

My Home is 'the between'” An interview with NS Koenings Swahili Estimates of the total number of Swahili speakers vary widely, from 50 million to over 100 million. N. S. Koenings I should say up front that I come to Swahili literature in a. Naturally there are also love poems and didactic poems, the vast.

How to Say I Love You in Swahili 10 Steps with Pictures I love you - Dear all, We say it "Ik hou van jou" in dutch and "Aku cinta padamu" in Indonesian. g elska Indonesian : Saya cinta padamu Saya Cinta Kamu Aku tjinta padamu Saja kasih saudari Italian : Ti amo Irish : taim i' ngra leat Japanese : Kimi o ai shiteru Kazakh : Men seny jaksy kuremyn Kiswahili : Nakupenda Korean : Tangsinul sarang ha yo Kurdish : Ez te hezdikhem Latin : Te amo Vos amo Lao : Khoi huk chau Latvian : Es Tev milu Lingala : Nalingi yo Lithuanian: Ash miliu tave Luo : Aheri Madrid lingo : Me molas, tronca Malay/Indonesian : Saya cintakan awak(awak=kamu=you) Aku sayang engkau (engkau=kamu=you) Malay : Saya cintamu Saya sayangmu Maltese: Inhobbok! How to Say I Love You in Swahili. Swahili, a Bantu language that is spoken throughout much of east Africa, is the most widely spoken African language in the world. Over 50 million people speak the.

How to Say I Love You in Several African Languages Africa is undoubtedly one of the most romantic continents on Earth. This article teaches those planning a romantic trip to Africa how to say "I love you" in several African languages including Swahili, Zulu and Bemba.

Useful Swahili phrases A language exchange complements other forms of learning such as classroom, cultural immersion and multimedia, because you get to practice all that you have learned with native speakers in a safe and supportive environment. Reply to 'How are you?'Please write it down. Waweza kuiandika? Do you speak English?How do you say. in Swahili? Unasemaje. kwa Kiswahili? Excuse me. I love you. Ninakupenda. Get well soon.

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